The Photomacrography Gallery is a collection of images of subjects that were captured from 0.5x (half life size) to 15x (fifteen times life size).

Photomacrography has numerous inherent challenges, such as difficult lighting setups, extremely narrow depth-of-field, magnified subject/camera vibrations, and delicate subject handling, to name a few. Without the ability to think on one's feet and creatively problem solve, photomicrography would be impossible. The photographs in the gallery represent my high level of technical and creative skills in the macro environment.

Several images feature the technique called Focus Stacking, in which many photographs are taken of a single subject, and the narrow plane of focus moves along the subject between each image. The images are then analyzed in software, in which just the areas that are in focus are selected and then composited into a single image. When done correctly, the entire subject will appear in focus.

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